Honour Best Efforts over Grades

It is now the year-end school examination period in Singapore, and many children and students are facing examination stress. You might like to refer to this Straits Times article to get some tips on how to help your child deal with exam stress.

As you help your child with their examinations, we hope that you will take inspiration from this letter that The Heritage School in Kolkata posted on their Facebook page, and remember that grades do not define your child or your child’s future. You can view their post here.

Winning with Honour  l  Dear Parent  l  The Heritage School.png

In addition, as mentioned on page 159 of Winning with Honour, many parents focus on developing their children academically to ensure their future success, but very few parents focus on developing their child’s character first.

It would do good for parents to keep in mind the ancient Chinese saying that goes: “成人,成才,成功” (“Become a person, become a talent, become a success”). So if you would like your child to be a success, ensure that your child first learns how to be a human being with a conscience and how to honour other human beings…then only can your child develop his or her talents to become a success. You are the first leader and teacher of your child. 

As shared in this previous post, we also hope that you will be a parent that honours best efforts over grades. The real challenge for all of us is not to win the prize…but to be the best that we can be and to give the best that we can every day despite our  challenges and circumstances. We lose if we don’t try. We win just by trying our best.

Good luck to all students taking examinations! You can win with honour just by trying  and giving your best.


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